Rose + Resilience bows

slouchy velvet.jpg

So. My bows are FINALLY going to be available from THIS site. My own website!!! 

This is kind of a big deal, I think. 

If you have been following along with the bows, you know that "The Collection That Shall Not Be Named" is coming Monday, December 4th at 11 am CST. There will be super pretty, yet understated bows for adults... that coordinate with the Hogwarts houses (plus a black velvet grown-up bow named "Bella"), and hand-painted striped house bows for the kiddos. 

You will also be able to score a Chartreuse Velvet Slouchie during this stocking, and I am adding a midi size. 

I am so excited you are here for these updates... and that you will be able to purchase bows from!!! 

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and, of course, Charlotte news.